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The Marauders

October 7, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Formed in 2015 The Marauders came together from a series of long distance recordings from old buddies and band mates  on the San Diego reggae music scene singer song writer Ralph Sirico and trumpet Player Dustin Hengl. Sirico fronted NYC band Flapjack and the popular San Diego reggae band When I Rise where he met trumpet player Dustin Hengl who at the time  was playing with the legendary Willie Nelson . Hengl and Sirico’s infectious stage energy catapulted the band When I Rise from a small bar band into an act that packed popular venues such as The house of Blues and the legendary SoCal reggae club Winstons . After When I Rise, Sirico eventually moved back to the east coast and Hengl moved up to the Sacramento area but since they were still very close friends and felt the need to still make music together they would eventually find a way to write and record long distance by sending a bunch of acoustic recordings Sirico made in his home studio back and forth via email and digital wave files. What started out as small acoustic recordings between the two would eventually grow into a full and complete reggae sound after passing the bare bone recordings back and forth to a series of musician buddies in the California and New York music scene never knowing what was going to come back on the other end after someone else added another instrument on top of the growing recordings. Eventually these recording turned into The Marauders first EP Exit the Storm which immediately became a success in the underground reggae scene due to the organic nature of the recoding process and several Grammy award winning musicians that played on this record. In early 2017 they released another EP called Love and Summer and this time with a full compliment of songs they decided to put together a touring band to promote the records. First to join was drummer Anthony Latrace. A popular NYC drummer and childhood friend of Sirico Anthony was the logical choice because of the admiration Sirico had though the years of watching him and being in awe of his ability to hold down a rock solid groove. Next was keyboard player August West another local NYC musician who also happened to be a big fan of Sirico’s band Flapjack and would attended shows frequently. When West heard Sirico was putting together a touring band for The Marauders he immediately reached out and was bought into the fold. Looking for the right bass player was a challenge and after auditioning a never ending line of bass players and not finding the right fit Sirico came upon a tape of a local Jazz bass player Sri Viswanath and was instantly drawn into his laid back sound and after talking and hitting it off Sri would join the band next. When it came time to find a guitarist Sirico already had someone in mind, a 19 year old kid named Patrick Nemaizer who’s playing had caught his ear though Facebook videos friends had been posting. Amazed with the feel and talent of such a young kid he was someone Sirico had to have in the band and after hearing some recordings Patrick agreed to join the band and with him came a more powerful live sound that defines the Marauders live show. Knowing the band needed another horn to compliment the sound The Marauders turned to Kai Sandoval from a local horn group called the Shag horns. Kai was making a name for himself on the scene as a intense trumpet player with a high energy live stage presence. After reaching out and patently waiting for a response The Marauders finally got the news they had been hoping for in the form of a text message Sandoval sent to Sirico’s phone which said “these songs are Dank! I’m in!! ” and with that the band was formed.